3 Most Important Rights of Orphans All Over the World

The word orphan refers to a person who has lost his or her parents, before getting to maturity age. In common use, it is when both parents have died. Quite often when the child is rescued and taken to orphanages. However, it will depend if the child is getting all the care and his or her fundamental rights. In most, occasion their relatives abandon them. This leads to them to a home called orphanage. The main objective of an orphanage is to make sure that the orphan enjoys all the rights as guaranteed by the Human rights.


Right to Inheritance

In most cases, the parents of an orphan left behind some properties. It is very important for the guardian to take care of the property until the child gets to a maturity age. However, this is not the case as many guardians take the property as it belongs to them. If any person is to use the property, should use it in a manner that will benefit the orphan when he gets to maturity. No matter what happens the orphan must be given what belongs to him legally. The wrongful act of depriving property of an orphan is a serious crime and punishable by law.


Right to Child Support


Every child or orphan for that matter has the right support. These rights are also known as the basic fundamental rights. They include:


  • Right to education
  • Right to proper clothing
  • Right to proper feeding
  • Right to shelter
  • Right to proper healthcare


It very important to note that, a parent cannot be replaced. Nevertheless, the orphan is entitled to the above rights. No one chooses to be an orphan. Therefore, providing the rights of the child, you are also building his or her future. It is very wise to constantly check on the child until he gets to a maturity age. Once you are convinced that he or she can independently take care of himself or herself, you can hand over the property.


You should not use the property extravagantly before they are of the maturity age. When the child becomes sick, it is very important to seek proper medical attention. It is very important to make sure that there are witnesses who can be able to account when you are handing over the property. As you provide the child support right, let other family members have access to the children.


Right to Being Raised

Every child in this world has a fundamental right to be raised, by either his or her parents or the guardian. The Guardian, in this case, is referred as to the reasonable person, in the capacity of the guide. The major responsibility entails taking care of the children both physically or mentally. Generally, all children should be loved, cared for, and nurtured. They have to be taught good morals and discipline. This ensures that the children become good members of the society.





The government has provided strict laws for the people for mistreating orphans. Further, it protects the orphans from losing their inheritance. Any person or orphanage that is not following the laws protecting the orphans is dealt with according to the law.